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Eating Out.

We have a number of pubs in the area, some drinking pubs, some country pubs, some establishments that describe themselves as pubs but are really restaurants. Whatever you are looking for, there is a good one in the area. Download our personal guide to eating out here (it may be more up-to date than the table below).


Here are most of our local pubs, in the order in which we rate them. This is a personal rating, and you may prefer different pubs to us, but here is a start.

The pubs marked "*" don't have their own web site, and the link is to a general site giving some more detail. Most of them have extensive reviews on TripAdvisor if you care to hunt them down.

The Puss in Boots is the only pub within walking distance and only does limited food. Burger and chips type food at lunch time and no food in the evening. It is, however a proper, welcoming, drinker's pub. Not many of those around now - (but ask about the Barley Mow at Kirk Ireton).

The Black Swan at Idridgehay (Closed)


01773 550 249

The Cross Keys Turnditch


01773 550 263

The New Inn (Angelo's) Milford


01773 822 338

The Hanging Gate Shottle


01773 550 467

The Bear Alderwasley


01629 822 585

The Talbot Hotel Belper


01773 822 258

The Bluebell* Farnah Green


01773 826 495

The Tiger Turnditch


01773 550 200

The Railway* Belper


01773 550 128




The Puss in Boots* (limited food)*


01773 550 316